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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late Intro

Alo, I’m Zairi. Those who know me often address me Zairi, some called me Zai and I’m just fine with it. I live in Petaling Jaya, a harmony place which I really proud of. I’ve been studying in a boarding school – MRSM Transkrian for five years . I’ve just completed AUSMAT and I’m preparing to pursue my study to University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Time to fly off, dude! Leaving so soon....Haha. I'm entering a new chapter in my life, put your head up, everyone! hehe. Want to know me further, you need to make an appointment, no charge applied. haha. second option, what you need to do is just by clickin' ya cursor on the comment link and ask please, really feel free to answer you'll freakin' gud question,sure. Then, you're prolly hyped up- gud reaction. haha.
Okeh, bout my blog, reason of making this marvellous supa-dupa blog just as a medium to share thoughts and stories, I love tellin' em'. Anyway, selamat membaca dan selamat beramal! PEACE!

----Welcome to my blog!---

I'm just for real.
Zairi Zazli.

Goodbye, my friend.
1:29 AM
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

those guys asking me for a new post....here it is.
these few days is quite interesting than the days before.
First event- Perjumpaan JPA (15 Jan. 2009)
That day I woke up early in the morning...6.20am, I thought it was too early though, hehe. With no breakfast, rushing to get fresh before moving to putrajaya, got some jams on the road and it was quite far, 1 hour journey and I arrived at 8.10...10 mins late. However, it's still early! registration till 9.30am, I guess......It was a great day, bleh jmpe mmber INTEC generally.
Hearing speaches from JPA dan wakilnye gives me a pic of what's going on next in my life.
I'm really happy but got some feeling mcm resah and takut gk la....of cource la living in overseas. Anyway, the good news that day thing is the cash! dpt advance 3 month plus wang penemptn and baju sejuk....plenty jgk rasanye. Need to treat my family mkn! haha...tapi bile ek...in this few days time...wait for it. hehe. Other than cash, I knew about my flight details
11 feb. 2009, 9.30pm (need to be there 4 hours early)
11 hours the flight time to christchurch.
It was really close, I feel it, trust me I feel.

Goodbye, my friend.
8:59 AM
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TER results

It was a great day for me. After the hard works, endless days, hard time, conflict, worries,reasonable doubts,sacrifices..................
These all resulted with such great result (thanks to Allah)
TER 92.45
How was it? fuh.

Goodbye, my friend.
8:21 PM
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